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Koozie in Beige

Koozie in Beige


A natural, functional piece of art.

Will keep your hands dry and your drink cold for hours.

  • These koozies are hand felted from sheep’s wool. Wool is naturally insulating and can absorb 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet.

    This seamless design is lightweight and compactable to easily go wherever you go.

    Felt is a very durable textile, it has some stretch and will fit most 12oz beer bottles and cans. Approximately 4.5” tall.

    Each koozie is handmade and will vary slightly in design.

  • Gently hand wash in lukewarm water and soap. Place on bottle to dry, do not wring. 

    Trim with scissors if the wool becomes fuzzy with use. Felt will not unravel or fray.

    If your koozie ever shrinks during washing, saturate with lukewarm water, place both hands inside koozie and pull apart to stretch out and let dry on a bottle.

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